Designed for

genuine satisfaction.

Hēlo redefines the way people vape. Our products deliver an exceptional tobacco-free nicotine experience designed for adults looking for that perfect blend of flavor and nicotine.

We didn’t set out to change the world,

just redefine the way people vape.

To do that, we had to re-imagine everything from the ground up.

Hēlo is a brand new electronic cigarette company based out of sunny South Florida. Backed by years of experience in the CBD and vape industry since 2016. We have watched how fast technology advances in the vaping industry. With the recent tech innovation that are available to us now, we are able to design a more convenient, ultra-portable disposable vape device called Hēlo.

With Hēlo, you can enjoy the traditional vaping experience with superior nicotine technology. Hēlo is 100% disposable after use. We currently have 6 flavors available and each device contains 5% synthetic nicotine by volume. The Hēlo is great for anyone that vapes or trying to get into vaping. The Hēlo offers a better alternative to nicotine intake compared to combustible cigarettes.


Our Charge

It is our charge to provide a superior device using premium USA flavors and true synthetic nicotine for a satisfying vape experience for all our customers who seek to improve their vaping experience or make the transition from combustibles to vaping with a smarter option.


Primed for the Future

It is our mission to be the finest tasting and most satisfying vaping experience. We exist as a solution for those who aspire to live a healthier life or simply prefer a more fulfilling vaping experience. As well, we are a source of inspiration for creating a smokeless future all around the world for generations to come.