What is Tobacco-Free Nicotine?

When you think of nicotine – whether it be smoking or vaping – the first thing that comes to mind is usually tobacco.

However, there are a number of plants besides tobacco that contain trace amounts of nicotine, such as potatoes, capsicum, chili peppers, and tomatoes. Due to lower production costs, tobacco-based nicotine is commonly used in most e-cigarettes and vaping products.

Tobacco-Free vs Tobacco Nicotine

Tobacco-free nicotine has the same biological properties as tobacco based nicotine without the foul smell and flavor of tobacco. Nicotine derived from plants other than tobacco also has no odor or taste, which means cleaner, better tasting flavors in the products it’s used in.

Similarities Between Tobacco-Free and Tobacco Nicotine

There isn’t much difference between nicotine derived from potatoes and nicotine derived from a tobacco plant, as both contain the same 10 chemical compounds. Fundamentally, nicotine found in each plant are the same in terms of effect on the user, one simply contains no tobacco.

FDA Quality and Assurance

The raw materials used for making tobacco-free nicotine are obtained from FDA-approved suppliers with a mark of quality and assurance. Tobacco-free nicotine is pending patents from the FDA and must adhere to the due process of the law.

“Its possible that a disposable, closed system device that contains an e-liquid with truly zero nicotine (or synthetic nicotine) would not be regulated by the FDA as a tobacco product, if it is not intended or reasonably be expected to be used in such a fashion.”

This statement reaffirms the FDA’s position that a “tobacco product” is defined as “any product made or derived from tobacco, including any component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product.”

Read the FDA statement here